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Internet Universe #2. Person

Internet Universe. Does the Internet make us more superficial or smarter?

Lecture by Cristina Sáez

The use of the Internet modifies our brain thanks to the organ’s plasticity. But what are its effects on cognitive processes? What influence does it have on our capacity for concentration, critical thinking, memory, mental agility and reasoning? Debate currently rages regarding what ...

Internet Universe. The logic of programming

Workshop with Irene Lapuente

The point of origin of good programming is to define what the problem is to be resolved, and from there, to decompose the process in order to get to it and construct all the modules necessary to make it possible. How can we apply this logic to everyday life? And to the planning of academic ...


The Technorevolution in the Classroom

Cristina Sáez

Education experts warn that we have an anachronistic educational system, created 300 years ago to meet the needs of a period that revolved around the industrial production of objects. They advocate the need for a new educational approach based [...]

The Internet Universe. Shallower or Smarter?

Cristina Sáez

À l’école. Inside the postcard series: France en l’an 2000. XXIème siècle. (Atrib. a J.M.Côté, 1901). Soucer: Wikimedia Commons In 2008, American technologist Nicholas Carr published an article in which he argued that the Internet was eroding ...