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Internet Universe. The logic of programming

Workshop with Irene Lapuente

The point of origin of good programming is to define what the problem is to be resolved, and from there, to decompose the process in order to get to it and construct all the modules necessary to make it possible. How can we apply this logic to everyday life? And to the planning of academic work in order to obtain better results? How is it applied to computing?

During this workshop we worked on some concepts typical of Computational Thinking. We went on a journey from codes and natural and formal languages to the implications of the concepts of distributed and decentralised computing typical of the Internet. We explored skills linked to computing that are developed mainly during the problem-solving phase such as: decomposing/modularising, recognition of patterns, abstraction and algorithms. We talked, too, about the phenomenon of problem discovery.

Participants: Irene Lapuente

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7 February 2014