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Internet Universe #1. Introduction

Internet Universe. Building the network

Workshop with Efraín Foglia

In this workshop we built a simulated telecommunications network that allowed us to discover the real structure of the Internet. Using this methodology we can understand what is required in order to be connected to the Network and what implications are involved on a social, economic and political ...

Internet Universe. Internet: a history under construction

Lecture by Juan Insua

The History of the Internet is a collective creation that is still under construction, with its origins in the hands of the military. Today it has come to form part of the everyday life of many people. What is the real scope of the digital revolution and how does it affect all spheres of human ...


The Internet: A History Under Construction


The history of the Internet is an open process, a story in progress. It is impossible to say exactly when it began, and it cannot be attributed to a single inventor. The Network of Networks is the result of numerous scientific and technological advances, of the development of computer languages, ...

The Digital Black Hole (DBH)

Luis Ángel Fernández Hermana

Giant Ring of Black Holes. Source: Smithsonian Institution. Except for rare exceptions, highlighted above all for their media impact value, the dominant history of the Internet is that of a narrative sequence of overwhelming advances and spectacular successes. It has ceaselessly conquered spaces ...