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Francesc Tosquelles

Like a Sewing Machine in a Wheat Field

The exhibition takes a look at the avant-garde practices that the psychiatrist Francesc Tosquelles carried out in the therapeutic, political and cultural field. Tosquelles transformed psychiatric institutions during the Republic and in fascist Europe. Today, he is an inspiration when addressing mental health policies in times of extreme crisis.

Carles Guerra: Therapeutic art and Art Brut

Carles Guerra tells how Tosquelles was a pioneer in opening up the psychiatric hospital to a host of artistic practices. He used art, film, theatre and writing to promote the patients' social ties and humanize their lives. In contrast with art as therapy, Guerra also talks about Art Brut, a ...

A Tosquelles Glossary

Carles Guerra | Joana Masó | Oriol Malet

This “Inside the exhibition” section invites you to discover the fascinating personality of Francesc Tosquelles and his transformative practice through ten key concepts.

Benjamín Labatut and Eloy Fernández Porta

Outside reason

How can we talk about mental health in the context of today's society? How can we find the meaning again after crossing the limit? Writers Benjamín Labatut and Eloy Fernández Porta talk, in a conversation moderated by journalist and writer Anna Pacheco, about madness, malaise and mental health due to the publication of their books La piedra de la locura and Los brotes negros.

Joana Masó: Who was Francesc Tosquelles?

Joana Masó,  literary critic and co-curator of the «Francesc Tosquelles» exhibition, explains who was Tosquelles, a psychiatrist who revolutionized the medical practices of his time and passed on an innovative and surprising cultural legacy that is unknown to most. 

Historia potencial de Francesc Tosquelles, Catalunya i la por

Conversation about the film

Conversation with the director Mireia Sallarès, the co-writer and co-curator of the exhibition Joana Masó, the sociologist Éric Fassin, the activist documentary Veronika Arauzo, and the documentalist Marta Duran about this this film that potentially makes history of a doctor ...