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Comic and Graphic Novel

The comic and the graphic novel have also had a dedicated space at the different editions of the festival and in the Kosmopolis continuous programme, with activities ranging from animated concerts and performances to workshops, and including monographic sessions, dialogues and lectures. In addition to different critics and specialists on the subject, authors featured have included Zeina Abirached, Paco Roca, Frédéric Pajak, Jorge Carrión, Sagar, Peter Kuper, Dave McKean and Max, among others.

Zeina Abirached and Paco Roca

Fertile Hybridisations of Reality and Fiction

Following the presentations of their respective works, the authors converse about who in their projects they take as a starting point real experiences or situations to construct, based on them, universal tales and stories, through visual designs that grow and become complex along with the stories that they aim to narrate.

Frédéric Pajak and Jorge Carrión

Anatomy of Conflicts and of the Memory

Following the presentation of Pajak works, the author and Jorge Carrión talk about the narrative and philosophical conflicts raised in his books and about how he has tackled the representation of major European traumatic events and warring conflicts in them. To what point is graphic ...

Jorge Carrión and Sagar

Workshop on producing travel chronicles

Kosmopolis hosts a dual activity to tackle the graphic fiction genre. Morning session: workshop on the conceptualisation, production, development and publication of non-fictional comics, with two prominent Spanish representatives of the genre: writer Jorge Carrión and artist Sagar.

Peter Kuper

Presentation of the “Viatges dibuixats” issue of Altaïr Magazine

Kosmopolis hosts a dual activity to tackle the graphic fiction genre. Evening session: presentation of the special “Viatges dibuixats” (Drawn Journeys) issue of Altaïr Magazine and meeting with American author Peter Kuper, Eisner prize-winner and ...

The Graphic Novel and the World of Comic

Paul Gravett (comics critic), Dave McKean (illustrator), Karrie Fransman (comic book illustrator), Paul Rainey (comic book illustrator), among other authors, talk about graphic novel and the world of comic. 

Dave McKean

The blue tree

Dave McKean, creator of Arkham Asylum y Sandman, among many other comics, is one of the cult authors of the illustrated genre. In this talk, McKean traces a journey through his work in comics, art, music and film.

Paul Gravett

Infinite Canvases: Twenty-First Century Comics

Paul Gravett, one of the greatest experts in comics and graphic novel in the United Kingdom, reviews the history of the British comic paying special attention to its current situation.

Jordi Costa, Eloy Fernández Porta, Albert Fernández and Enric Cucurella

The X-Men: Beyond the comic

The collective book Hijos del átomo (Alpha Decay, 2015) offers eleven private glances about the most fascinating family of superheroes in Marvel Comics: The X-Men. In this session we chat with some of the authors who participate in the book, experts in comic and pop culture.

Neosol, Sonia Pulido, Calpurnio and Max

Animated concert: "The last human alive". Live cartoons and music.

In this session, the electronic atmosphere generated by the band Neosol accompanies the cartoons drawn live on a large screen by the artists Sonia Pulido, Calpurnio and Max. This is, then, an unusual "animated concert" embracing a graphic and musical recreation of a well-known participatory ...

Drawn nonfiction: an overview

Jorge Carrión

Reflection is both a linguistic and an imagined process. We talk about illustrated essays, cartoon journalism, visual journalism, sketching, and visual thinking