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Are we adults?

Conversations for Thinking Education

With this cycle, the CCCB embarks on a process of permanent reflection on the meaning and role of education in present-day society, this being understood —as Hannah Arendt put it— as a time when we decide whether we love the world enough to accept responsibility for it.

Lynne Segal

Educating Desire: Moments of Shared Joy

In this lecture,  Lynne Segal, professor of Psychology and Gender Studies, calls for happiness based on moments of solidarity arising from collective claims and endeavours.  Only if we accept responsibility for the world we share, and the commitment to transform it could we be truly and radically happy. 

Daniel Pennac

The School of Life

Journalist Anna Guitart talks with Daniel Pennac, writer and former secondary school teacher, about the relationship between childhood and adulthood, the role of imagination in education, and the expectations and promises which come together with growing up.

Pedro Olalla

Political Maturity

The citizen has ceased to be the core political subject of our democracies. Starting out from this premise, the Hellenist scholar Pedro Olalla discusses what it means to reach political maturity today, and what a politically mature society is. Is politics really an adult prerogative? What role should education play in shaping citizens?

Ethics and Politics of Non-violence

Lecture by Judith Butler

Starting out from the premise that interdependence is an inherent condition of human beings, Judith Butler talks about the need to situate non-violence at the centre of ethics and politics.

Josep Maria Esquirol

The Generosity of Education

What kind of education can prepare us to brave the elements? How can we come to terms with imperfection and fragility? The present-day social and “cultural” context promotes a sort of no-limits ideology, which is none other than a consumerist adaptation to the idea of progress. This no-limits ideology opens up the way ...