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Leading Lights of the 20th Century


Leading Lights of the 20th Century. Marcel Duchamp

Seen by Adrián Alemán and José Jiménez

The importance of Marcel Duchamp and his female alter ego Rose Sélavy lies in his digression from manual skill in an age dominated by the technical configuration of the world. Marcel Duchamp was the artist who most fully came to terms with the great transformation that art was to undergo in the face of the rapid and inexorable expansion of technology.

This question, the radical nature of which sets down 1912 as the first year of the Duchampian artistic era in which we continue to live today, meant opening the visual artist's horizons up to a universe that is not limited by tangible representation, to a consideration of artistic materials in the light of concept and sign. Duchamp was the pioneer, the first to bring the necessary intensity to an exploration of that uncharted virgin territory.

Curators: Adrián Alemán, José Jiménez

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