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Leading Lights of the 20th Century


Leading Lights of the 20th Century. Friedrich Nietzsche

Seen by Jaume Casals/Josep Ramoneda and Albert Viaplana

More than any other modern thinker or artist, Nietzscherepresents the definitive introduction into our world of a basic revelation: things are very far from being the way we see them. Even the most-travelled paths and the landmarks that guide us through life come under suspicion. The law of interpretations and of the will that constructs them is the only law. And, since everything, even our most deeply rooted principles and values, is mere interpretation, since nothing has any worth in itself, serious thought can only lead us to the discovery of concealed intentions, bad faith and the nothingness behind the great works of humankind.

Our story is one of inconsistency: times in which lies and error have become institutions and truth. Nietzsche's literature is the work of nihilism, in the sense that it denounces an absolute, universal falsification. Beyond the fallacy of truth, however, Nietzsche seems to invite our conjecture as to a radical novelty, an infinite experience of events, an authentic life, a humanity which is more than human. At this point, we are surrounded by questions-questions that we can never listen to as we should. Disconcerting zebra crossings, music and the prophetic voice frozen in the texts of this installation guide us through our recognition of the difficulty of living.

Curators: Victor Nubla, Carsten Nicolai, Advanced Music

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