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Presentation of issue 9 of 5W magazine


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Narrative journalism and photography to discover how youth move the world.

What drives young people? What kind of world are they inheriting? Have they distanced themselves from politics? Are social networks threatening to devour them? Can they change the world that other generations failed to change? These are some of the questions that issue 9 of 5W magazine, under the title «Jóvenes» (Youth), attempts to answer. From reportage, essay, interview and even poetry, the authors ask what is the role of young people worldwide.

The event will be presented by Bea Duodu and will be attended by Javier Sanchez, Viviane Ogou, Anna Izquierdo Gilabert, Xavier Aldekoa, Anna Surinyach and Agus Morales; and with the musical performance of Moha Benyamna.

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