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Xerrades per Ciutat Vella (Talks in the Old City)

“Identity and Planning”, a lecture by Alessandro Scarnato



The Xarxa Veïnal de Ciutat Vella (Ciutat Vella Neighbourhood Network) and the Col·lectiu Accions Urbanes (Urban Actions Collective) have organised these “Converses per Ciutat Vella” (Talks in the Old City), which will take the form of five discussions among activists and academics about the identity and future of the Barcelona city centre as a way of reflecting upon a district which, far from being a leisure ghetto or theme park, is still the heart that beats to keep the whole city alive.

These talks have been held in different spaces of Ciutat Vella, one in each neighbourhood, the last one being held in the CCCB. In each session, an academic talks about some outstanding aspect of Ciutat Vella, touching on different spheres (history, architecture, demography, commerce) with the aim of contributing points of view and knowledge about how the old centre has changed and is changing. This talk is followed by an activist’s comments on the subject under discussion, thereby encouraging debate, including members of the audience as well.

The talk at the CCCB will deal with issues related to IDENTITY AND PLANNING.

Presented by: David Bravo (Accions Urbanes – Urban Actions)
Speaker: Alessandro Scarnato (Blast! – Technical University of Catalonia)
Activists: Gala Pin (L’Òstia Neighbourhood Association of Barceloneta) and Josep Bohigas (BopBaa)

The complete programme of this series of talks may be found here.

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