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Xcèntric. 2010-2011

Wrong Theatre


The bold, shameless films of Gunvor Nelson and Dorothy Wiley, the anxious animations of Martha Colburn, the ingenious visions of Jorge Lorenzo Flores and the strange worlds of Christopher Cogan reveal cracks in the expected roles and gestures of the media, advertising and pornography; they parody the use of bodies and portray strange actions that configure a wrong theatre. These are disinfectant films that disfigure and compulsively corrupt mediatized representations of popular culture to create a unique, disturbing filmic world. Attended by Christopher Cogan.

Take Off, Gunvor Nelson, 1972, 16 mm, 10 min

Schmeerguntz, G. Nelson, Dorothy Wiley, 1966, 16 mm, 15 min

Cosmetic Emergency, Martha Colburn, 2005, 35 mm, 8 min

Waschdrang Mama, M. Colburn, 2006, video 3,30 min

The Wank, Jorge Lorenzo Flores, 16 mm, 1 min

Lift Off, M. Colburn, 1998, 16 mm, 3 min

Don’t Kill The Weather Man!, M. Colburn, 2007, video, 5 min

Lava, Christopher Cogan, 1996-2007, 16mm, 3 min

Electreat, C. Cogan, 1996-2007, 16 mm, 6 min

Tunnels, C. Cogan, 2009, 16mm, 10 min

20.15 h Slow Action, Ben Rivers, UK, 2010, 45 min. In association with LOOP/SCREEN FROM BARCELONA 2011. Free admission!

Directors: Gunvor Nelson, Dorothy Wiley, Martha Colburn, Jorge Lorenzo Flores, Christopher Cogan

This activity is part of Xcèntric. April-June 2011, Xcèntric. 2010-2011

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