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Wounded peace

Presentation of 5W magazine number 7



Journalists Lídia Heredia, Amador Guallar, Bru Rovira, Nora Miralles, Maribel Izcue and Agus Morales reflect on the delicate balance of peace and the lack of political will to end wars.

There is a tendency to say that the first victim of war is the truth, but the most obvious, the most immediate victim is the peace. A peace that is manipulated in order to achieve political gain; that is announced in every diplomatic visit to the places ravaged by conflict, but comes increasingly later and in a more imperfect form.

The problem facing the contemporary world is not only the triumph of war, but especially the failure of peace. Ukraine is the latest example: negotiations are publicized, but they exasperate from the very first moment, because they seem to be part of the war strategy.

"La paz herida" [Wounded peace], the new paper issue of 5W, travels the world to understand the lack of political will and the incapacity to put an end to conflicts. On the occasion of the presentation, its journalists discuss the different forms of peace, desired or achieved —from Colombia to Northern Ireland, from Ethiopia to Cyprus, from India to Palestine— and the peace pacts that space needs in order to not become a place of conflict.

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