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Science Friction

Worlds of f(r)iction

Guided tour with the family and track game in the exhibition "Science Friction. Life between companion species"


Come with the family one morning to the CCCB to enjoy the exhibition "Science friction" together with our educational team. From a fable and a game of clues, this activity allows us to weave links with the diversity of ways of life and build other worlds outside the perspective that places man at the center, and prepares us to recognize the beauty of the that surrounds us and makes us responsible for a shared world.

Apart from human activity, there are other ways of inhabiting the world. We live on a shared planet but are often unaware of the relationships we establish with other forms of life. What other life forms coexist with us? How do they relate with each other? And with us? What kind of relations do we want to have with the beings that surround us? Could humans coexist with other species interdependently, in a network of life with no divisions or hierarchies? According to biologists Lynn Margulis and Donna Haraway (the latter also a philosopher), the whole Earth is alive, and we have to stop believing that humans are superior and return to contact with the planet’s other living beings.

In the exhibition we’ll see works portraying various life forms, as well as some that are alive. What worlds might they be generating? Can we perceive them using our human senses? A fungus, an octopus and a mouse have left us an encrypted message to be resolved. What do they want to say to us? Will we be able to decipher it?

Activity designed by Laboratori de Pensament Lúdic and facilitated by Re-Crea Accions Culturals.

This activity is part of Science Friction

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