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Xcèntric Archive



With the arrival of winter, we welcome you to take shelter from the cold in the Xcèntric archive, watching some films that include typical features of this season: the light and the Christmas celebrations, skiing, snowy landscapes and warm interiors next to the chimney. 

The Christmas Cracker, (1963) Norman McLaren y Grant Munro, 9’

Montaña en sombra, (2012) Lois Patiño, 14’

Lights, (1964) Marie Menken, 6’

Ide…, (1973) Josef Robakowski, 3’

Happy End, (1996) Peter Tscherkassky, 11’

Black Ice, (1994) Stan Brakhage, 2’

Tishe!, (2002) Victor Kossakovsky, 80’ (minutes 40-56, 16’)

D’Est, (1993) Chantal Akerman, 58’ (minutes 68-90, 22’)

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