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Xcèntric. 2007-2008

What is a Woman I (1971-2003)


This is a series of works from the last 30 years related to the discussion between art and feminism and which has inspired so much creation since the sixties. The history of experimental cinema and video art are divided, as they belong to different means of distribution, different economies, different audiences, etc. However, the feminist discourse creates a bridge between both disciplines and the subject of the body, domestic space, sexual freedom, formal experimentation, etc. all appear.

NOTE: The film Fly by Yoko Ono, programmed on this sesion will not be screened due to availability problems of the print. Instad of this film will be projected Ruby Skin by Eve Heller.

Semiotics of the Kitchen, Martha Rossler. USA, 1975, 6 min, video

Syntagma, Valie Export. Austria, 1983, 17 min, 16 mm,

Untitled (Chicken Piece, shot #2), Ana Mendieta. USA, 1972, 3 min, video

Body Tracks (Blood Sign #2), Ana Mendieta. USA, 1974, 1 min, video

Untitled (Grass Breathing), Ana Mendieta. USA, 1975, 3 min, video

Candle Ixchell, Black Ixchell Series (Black Ixchell Candle Ixchell), Ana Mendieta. USA, 1979, 4 min, video

Volcán de Arena, (Silueta Series, Filmworks: Rocas y humo) Ana Mendieta. USA, 1978, 3 min, video

Violin Power, Steina Vasulka. USA, 1970-78, 10 min, video

The Star Eaters, Peggy Ahwesh. USA, 2003, 24 min, video

Ruby Skin, Eve Heller. USA, 2005, 5 min, 16mm

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