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William Kentridge


Creation by the black diaspora of Barcelona


The performance by the collective Tinta Negra offers a tour through the diverse and abundant imaginaries of creative talents from Barcelona's black diaspora.

#wearenotahashtag is a ritual that celebrates the richness and singularity of the city's creative output by its citizens with African roots; a place for critical discussion and acknowledgement, where the community can come together and heal.

The performance is the work of ten innovators from different disciplines, including actors, musicians, performers and visual artists. Together, they invoke a "magical activism" nourished by ancestral and modern sources, the spirituality of the African diaspora and current themes from black culture to shake up our conscience, make a cry of protest and release the conciliatory energy generated by poetry and song, words and movement. 


Idea/Concept: Malcolm McCarthy and Tinta Negra
Wardrobe: Gina Balde, La Flor del Tamarindo, Rodrigo Falero, Manauara Clandestina and Nêga Lucas
Scenography: Anna Chwaliszewska
Lighting: Raúl Beldarrain
Stage management: Natalia Prieto Alvarado
Production: Tinta Negra, Hibiscus Asociación de Afroespañolas y Afrodescendientes

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