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Unanswered questions about the transition



The transition was a time in which everything was possible, which ultimately forged multiple worldviews out of individual and collective experiences and questioned the oversimplified versions of what led up to it. Ethics and moral transgressions of varying degrees of awareness became acts of political opposition with their own specific dynamics. Pressure of all kinds brought about change, often manifest only in political terms, that tore off the scab of the dictatorship and created a new, unforeseen and unforeseeable framework of democratic relations in the process.

The participants in this round table will attempt to answer a selection of the questions put by visitors to the exhibition.

Participants: Pere Ysàs, (Director of the Centre d'Estudis sobre les Èpoques Franquista i Democràtica), Jordi Borja (geographer and urbanist), Mercè García Aran (Professor of Criminal Law, UAB)
Moderator: Antoni Marí (poet and essayist, UPF)

Moderators: Antoni Marí

Participants: Pere Ysàs, Jordi Borja, Mercè García Arán

This activity is part of In Transition, In transition,

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