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Thought — Affect — Matter

Performance by Jaime Refoyo and Karunya Srinivasan about how a mutual affectation between bodies could speak



How does our body think? What language does it speak? This performance, co-directed by Jaime Refoyo and Karunya Srinivasan, proposes to create, through the word, bridges between bodies from different cultures that tread a common ground but do not share the same level of awareness about their actions in the space where they move.

Thought — Affect — Matter aims to create a conversation with the public in which to share tools that help us to be aware of cognitive processes such as attention, perception or memory. The people who participate in the performance will be invited to identify the exercise of their movement with a spoken language that comes from the mutual affectation between bodies. An invitation to explore our language to activate tools that allow us to expand the experience of the common.

Jaime Refoyo investigates the evidence of a geometric language that leaves the imprinted trace of the body on the ground when it relates to other bodies through its natural movement. A study that Jaime has called "Geography of Thought" and which also gives its name to a project that consists of three actions during the month of November around the body, the image and the word. These actions will take place at the Mercat de les Flors, the Filmoteca de Catalunya and the CCCB respectively. The aim of the project is to create a dialogue between the different practices of the cultural institution and the different communities that make up the social fabric of the city.

Participants: Jaime Refoyo, Karunya Srinivasan

This activity is part of Brain(s)

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