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The Wicker Man

Session 7: The occult



The Wicker Man*
Robin Hardy

1973 / United Kingdom / Blu-ray / 88 min / Spanish subtitles

Based on David Pinner’s novel Ritual, The Wicker Man has become a cult European horror classic. Much more than a horror film about sacrifice, it is a thought-provoking combination of musical and detective film, in turn sensual and festive. The Wicker Man takes us to the Scottish island of Summerisle, whose inhabitants practise a strange cult based on pagan beliefs. The disappearance of a girl takes Police Sargent Neil Howie (Edward Woodward) to this out-of-the-way place where he meets Lord Summerisle (a magnetic Christopher Lee), who seems to wield a strong power over the local people. The Wicker Man is considered one of the best 500 films of all time.

*Not recommended for under-16s.

Check the complete programme of Gandules'18 "Illuminated cinema: Magic, altered states and the occult".

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From 7 to 23 August, the CCCB’s summer film season brings us nine films that posit illumination as a means to enthuse and enlighten us. Free entrance. 

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