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Xcèntric 2017

The voyeuristic camera: visual spaces of desire

The CCCB's cinema


In the framework of the exhibition "1,000 m2 of Desire. Architecture and Sexuality", Xcèntric Cinema presents a session of films by James Herbert and Stan Brakhage that evoke the relation between erotic desire and its physical spatiality.

While Herbert’s Porch Glider and Two Figures manifest the more explicit eroticism of naked bodies in spaces fetishized by the voyeur, the pieces that make up Brakhage’s Sexual Meditations show a wide range of scenes, as their titles indicate (Motel, Faun’s Room, Hotel, Open Field, Room With a View, Office Suite), in which space plays a crucial role in the modulation of desire.

Porch Glider, James Herbert, 1970, silent, 25 min; Two Figures, James Herbert, 20 min, silent; Sexual Meditations, Stan Brakhage, 1971-1973, 29 min, silent.

16mm screening. 18 years and over.


Directors: James Herbert, Stan Brakhage

This activity is part of 1,000 m2 of desire, Xcèntric 2017

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