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The Shortest Day - "Inèdits" at the CCCB

Short Film Celebration

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The international short film festival is back! This year with a single session taking place at the CCCB and two programmes on line. The short film has always been a place of generosity, and this year the whole programme will be run through by this collective force.

El dia més curt at its annual meeting at the CCCB, will give the Hall screen to some of the most outstanding Catalan productions that, affected by the pandemic, have not been able to be shown in public as much as they should.

In addition, a diverse online program will be offered on the web. On the one hand, a series of filmmakers such as Carla Simón, Lluís Miñarro, Isabel Coixet, Carolina Astudillo or Irene Moray will recommend some of their favorite shorts to enjoy online around December 21. On the other hand, the short series "Un vocabulari per al futur" will be offered, promoted by the CCCB on the occasion of its collaboration with the ICUB in the framework of the Biennial of Pensament and where, precisely, filmmakers, visual artists and thinkers, join forces to explore exits to this battered present.

In an act of resistance, El dia més curt celebrates the diversity of short-term cinema, calls for the need to maintain public exhibition spaces and, today more than ever, the importance of care and cooperation.


LONELY RIVERS. Mauro Herce (Catalonia-Spain, 2019, 28 minutes)
Men of different ages converge in a room. We don’t know much about them or how much time has passed. Just a few signs, spaced throughout the footage, will tell us a little about their particular circumstance.

NI OBLIT NI PERDÓ [Not forgotten, not forgiven]. Jordi Boquet Claramunt (Catalonia-Spain, 2020, 21 minutes)
Based on the case of Guillem Agulló, this story tells of the victims of fascist violence, but also of the pain of a family unable to overcome the death of one of its members. The sister returns home and is forced to face both her parents’ impotence and her own.

ARA CREMA [Now it’s burning]. Núria Gascón Bartomeu (Catalonia-Spain, 2020, 1 minute)
The sofa, the fire, the silhouette. A home that crumbles into ashes. After a mental and physical confinement of 13 years in this house, it took another one to address these images. Family photographic material (90-00 s) and personal video filmed in 16 mm and MiniDV between March and April 2019 during the move and the burning of the sofa, edited in quarantine, April 2020.

PANTERES [Panthers]. Èrika Sánchez (Catalonia-Spain, 2020, 22 minutes)
Joana and Nina, two 13-year-old girls, live in Barcelona, prey to the contradictions of female puberty in the first world. Both are women of their times and condition: social media, immediacy and excess. Today, Joana has come up with a game that involves her friend Nina. This decisive day in puberty will cause something in each of them to change forever.

CANDELA. Anna Solanas and Marc Riba (Catalonia-Spain, 2020, 8 minutes)
Candela, a surly woman in her seventies, lives alone in an old, abandoned building in the middle of a ruined suburb. Cut off from civilization, her routine is upturned by the boundless energy of a girl who sets out to use the building as a playground.

EL CÓDIGO INTERIOR [The code inside]. Pau Subirós (Catalonia-Spain, 2020, 16 minutes)
What would happen if you stopped speaking your own language?

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