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Xcèntric. CCCB’s cinema 2006-2007

Stan Brakhage breaking the silence

Invisible Cinema


A session-cum-experiment that takes in Brakhage's entire filmography (almost 400 films), selecting just those works that contain a musical score. Those who are familiar with Brakhage's work will find a very different author to the one they are used to and, at times, will experience a strange sensation caused by the "non-silence" that complements the images. Sometimes they will unconsciously have to make the effort to visualize these images by mentally blocking out the music in order to invoke the classic Brakhage. The composers in this session are James Tenney, John Cage, Joel Haertling, Architect's Office, Stephen Foster, Rick Corrigan and Philip Corner.

Part 1

Interim, Stan Brakhage, 1954, 25', 16 mm
In Between, Stan Brakhage, 1955, 10', 16 mm
Fireloop, Stan Brakhage, 1986, USA, 3', 16 mm
Loud Visual Noises, Stan Brakhage, 1987, 3'30'', 16 mm
Kindering, Stan Brakhage, 1987, 3', 16 mm
I... Dreaming, Stan Brakhage, 1987, 6', 16 mm
Christ Mass Sex Dance, Stan Brakhage, 1991. 5', 16 mm
Crack Glass Eulogy, Stan Brakhage, 1991, 6', 16 mm
Boulder Blues and Pearls and..., Stan Brakhage, 1992-93, 20', 16 mm

Part 2

Passage Though: A Ritual, Stan Brakhage, 1990, 49', 16 mm

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