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Xcèntric. 2009-2010

Special session: Xcentric shows off local talent

Work from the Xcentric ‘09 Workshop / Santiago Fillol and Lucas Vermal


Cinema Reinvented. Xcentric Workshop 09, 105’, video

Screening of the short films made by participants in Xcentric’s 2009 Workshop, “Cinema Reinvented”. The pieces are the product of re-editing films from the Xcentric Archive: Cinema without a Camera presents possible (re)interpretations of the archive and an ABC of the cinematographic art

Free admission

Ich Bin Enric Marco. Santiago Fillol, Lucas Vermal, Spain, 2009, 100’, video

Former president of the foremost Spanish association of deportees, Enric Marco, sets out to put his past straight, on a car journey to Germany that leads to Flossenbürg concentration camp. Two years previously, a historian proved that Enric Marco was not the Resistance member he claimed to be and that the experiences in the concentration camp that had been related for years on television were invented.

Presentation and debate with Imma Merino, Santi Fillol, and Gonzalo de Lucas (programador)

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