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The Barcelona Debate

Sovereignty and State

Lecture by Montserrat Guibernau


What is sovereignty, and how is it exercised today? What form do the principles of authority, legitimacy, rights and territory take? Is the state in a process of crisis or is it still the only agent that has power on the international stage? What is the relation between state and sovereignty today? These and other questions will be addressed by Montserrat Guibernau, Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University of London, in relation to two key concepts of the history of political thought.

Montserrat Guibernau, Professor of Political Science at Queen Mary University of London. Author of Solidarity and Division in Modern Societies (Polity, 2013) and Per un catalanisme cosmopolita (For a Cosmopolitan Catalanism – Angle, 2009).

Presented by: Ferran Requejo, professor of Political Science at the Pompeu Fabra University.

Lecture of the series "Wield the Word", in which will also participate Axel Honneth, Saskia Sassen, Fina Birulés, Albert Lladó, Manel Ollé, Isabella Gresser, Bo Stråth, Luc BoltanskiPeter Wagner and Seyla Benhabib.

Presenters: Ferran Requejo

Participants: Montserrat Guibernau

This activity is part of Wield the Word, The Barcelona Debate

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Wield the Word. Sovereignty and State

Lecture by Montserrat Guibernau

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