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Soñando un lugar

A documentary by Alfonso Kint



The disconnect between cities and the origin of their food is alarming; we don’t know how food is produced nor who produces it or where, and this is surely one of the main reasons why the rural population is in such decline. But now there are several very good examples of how to reclaim our small towns and villages, focusing on the contentment of the new residents rather than financial arguments.

Lucía and Alfonso live together in Madrid and work in the world of art. Looking for a change after their daughter, Greta, was born, they decided to move to a small village in a demographic desert. Through their neighbours, they gradually discovered the delicate situation faced by their new home; the reason why they decided to reinvent themselves from scratch. A different view of the current state of these small towns and villages and their huge potential, a commitment that asks us whether living all together in cities is really a necessity or merely a habit that’s difficult to break. Soñando un lugar, the first feature-length film by Alfonso Kint, has been made with material from his own life and experiences, recorded over seven years. The film is about the poet, Lucía Camón, and Greta, their daughter.

Soñando un lugar
Alfonso Kint, 2019, 70 min, Spain, in Spanish

Introduction by Gustavo Duch, projection and talk with the documentary’s filmmakers: Alfonso Kint and Lucía Camón.

Presenters: Gustavo Duch

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