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China of the Present, the World of the Future

Screening of the documentary "Ascension", and discussion with Manel Ollé


The documentary "Ascension" which deals with the complexity and contradictions of today's Chinese society will be screened, accompanied by an introduction and a subsequent discussion by Manel Ollè.

The documentary Ascension (2021) directed by the Chinese American filmmaker Jessica Kingdom brings viewers closer to the gleaming, accelerating dream of enrichment in the paradoxical China of market socialism. Making no attempt to judge or prove any thesis, but only showing and juxtaposing scenes, the film invites viewers to move among the efforts and the mirages that are galvanised in the implacable machinery of a polarised society on a route rising from the industrial peripheries to millionaire elites by way of the aspirational middle classes. It passes through sex doll and cosmetics factories, schools for butlers and on making money from the social networks, theme parks, and luxury hotels. Viewers can draw their own conclusions.

Manel Ollé, expert in the history and culture of modern and contemporary China, will present the documentary, and moderate the subsequent discussion.

Participants: Manel Ollé

This activity is part of China of the Present, the World of the Future

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