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Screenings of audiovisual works filmed by women



The project “The One-Minute Video” has created an experimental audiovisual archive of over 400 pieces filmed by women from all over the world who have taken up their camera to record aspects of their reality that signify them. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the initiative, in this month of August we will be screening a selection of these pieces produced by the team of the International Women’s Films Exhibition. 


The selection that commemorates 20 years of “The One-Minute Video” project is structured into five chapters:

  • Spoken challenge
  • Caring and care-free
  • The end of the tale
  • From a body to this point
  • Occupying the world: with a seat in the open air

Duration: 50' in non-stop screenings from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

These five spaces generate bridges and sketch valleys, high plateaus and ravines between various videos, while organising a possible orographic visit to the project archive and acting as an audiovisual window onto female rebellion.

Own spaces, boundaries, pleasures, bothers, revolutions, excesses, loves, transits... The subjects proposed each year have revealed discourses that celebrate the heterogeneity of female experiences, discourses unwilling to make a pact with the pretended androcentric universality. They are unwilling images that confabulate and construct an internal, but also a collective resistance. 

20 years of “The One-Minute Video” 

The project “The One-Minute Video” was created in 1997 in Barcelona by Drac Màgic – International Women’s Films Exhibition. Today it is run by TRAMA (coordinator of exhibitions and festivals of films, videos and multimedia works produced by women), which incorporates collectives from different cities around Spain.


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