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Grec 2019

Professional day of #GrecJove

Meeting space of practices and projects for young audiences

Courses and workshops


The professional day of #GrecJove settles at CCCB to publicize several examples of good practices that brings the young audiences at the center of their action: inspirational and pioneering initiatives, emerging, unknown or consolidated, which show the need to give voice, space and resources to projects aimed at youngsters.

From the field of artistic programming or from the linking of art with teaching, we discover some performing practices, increasingly dynamic, transversal, hybrid and flexible, with the help of professionals who tell us their experiences and open a participatory debate with attendees.

The event is aimed at the entire profession of performing arts and other related disciplines. The participants of the professional day of #GrecJove are:

MeetYou Valladolid

By Txema Viteri, coordinator and director

The team of Teatro Calderón of Valladolid, a historical venue located at the heart of the city, realized years ago that they had to renew and diversify the age and profile of its habitual public. Hence, a sort of young laboratory was born, the MeetYou Valladolid, open to new formats and with the will to become a national and international meeting point of programming, workshops and stage agitation.

LaJoven Compañía

By David Peralto, promoter and director

A pioneering project at a state level that includes training, dissemination and creation carried out by youngsters and aimed at young people. It combines youth training programs and the production of its own shows around the country and abroad.


By Carles Giner, coordinator

Program promoted by the Institut de Cultura of Barcelona City Council that incorporates artistic practices (both stage and visual arts) in various institutes throughout Barcelona, ​​bringing the work of professional creators to the weekly practice within the framework of regulated education. This year, the program celebrates its tenth birthday.

Place des Arts (Montreal)

In the charge of director Clothilde Cardinal

Public body responsible for developing an extensive educational programme based on the value of the arts, cultural mediation and aesthetics education. The programme adapts a project of the Lincoln Centre (New York) who has worked for forty years to put the artistic activity on the spotlight. 

And more guests

Other companies, programmers or program directors (national or international) who represent successful experiences in the creation of stage proposals for young people, also participate in the meeting.

This activity is part of Grec 2019

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