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Presentation of the educational briefcase

Internet Universe. How does the network affect our lives



Internet Universe proposes a critical and creative reflection on the set of technologies connected to the Internet and the unprecedented and accelerated transformation that it is causing in our lives. As a result of training workshops for teaching staff that were held at the CCCB last February, we present an educational briefcase the objective of which is to transfer these reflections to the secondary school and sixth form classrooms.

6 p.m. // Presentation of the Internet Universe educational briefcase.

To understand how the network is conformed and analyse the impact of the Internet and the technologies that are derived from it at three incidence levels –person, city, and planet – is the basis of this briefcase which is structured based on five educational units: 

1) Constructing the Network: how is the Internet infrastructure weaved?
2) The Logic of Programming: how do we have to think in order to communicate with computers?
3) Social Networks and Community Action: how can we favour a constructive use of social networks to prevent possible incorrect uses?
4) The Ecological Impact of the Internet: how can we minimise our impact on the planet?
5) Building Knowledge: how does Wikipedia work and how can we contribute to it?

The educational proposals can function together or each one separately, and are linked to the secondary education established by the Catalonia.

6:30 p.m. – 7.30 p.m. // Talk: Wikipedia in the classroom, by Àlex Hinojo (Amical Wikimedia).

The use of Wikipedia in the classroom allows work with pupils on searching for information in a saturated environment, the assessment of the quality and reliability of sources, the writing up and publication of texts or active participation in a large-scale knowledge-creation community. An entire set of useful skills in the era of infoxication.

Àlex Hinojo will explain what Wikipedia is, how it works, and the validation of contents systems that it uses, and following this he will present a series of experiences in Wiki teaching. The aim of the session is to resolve any doubts regarding this well-known online encyclopaedia, as well as to discover the eduwiki training proposals. These offer the possibility of incorporating the publication of articles as a teaching resource through the production of articles by students as a learning activity assessed by their teachers.

7.30 p.m. – 8.00 p.m. // Debate.

Participants: Àlex Hinojo

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