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Pippi Longstocking

Christmas Screenings

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At this festive time of year, the CCCB recovers two episodes of Pippi Longstocking set at Christmas, based on the stories written by Astrid Lindgren in the 40s, in which the protagonist shows off her characteristic rebelliousness to reinterpret the social conventions that these holidays tend to impose on us.

In recent years, the feminist movement has salvaged this classic childhood series and its mischievous protagonist for their cause. And no wonder! While the vast majority of princesses in films and children’s series of the last century were completely dependent on the love of their prince, Pippi showed that you didn’t need a man’s validation to be happy. Quite the opposite; she showed that happiness can emerge when we question the established norms. Sleeping with her feet on the pillow, having superhuman strength, living under the same roof as a monkey and a horse, and always wearing a patched dress and mismatched stockings are small actions that show us that Pippi’s essence lies not just in her iconic plaits, but in going against what is considered the done thing.


Pippi and the First Snow, Olle Hellbom, Sweden, 1969, 27’

Winter is here and there’s just two days to go until Tommy and Anika start their Christmas holidays. Pippi realises she can’t have any holidays because she doesn’t go to school, and she decides to make her first visit so she can enjoyed a well-earned break. But in the classroom she has to follow conventions of behaviour that are not for her, leading her to cause chaos with her wild ideas.

Pippi’s Christmas, Olle Hellbom, Sweden, 1969, 26’

Will Pippi spend Christmas alone at Villa Kunterbunt? This is the question that all the children and adults of the town are asking themselves. While the rest of the families pity her for being alone, her friends Tommy and Anika invite her to spend Christmas Eve at their house, an offer that Pippi rejects in order to be with her animals on such an important day. But what Pippi doesn’t know is that all of her friends have a surprise in store for her.

© 1969 Beta Film, AB Svensk Filmindustri, Sveriges Radio, Iduna Film
© Junior.TV GmbH & Co. KG, Licensed by EM.Entertainment GmbH

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