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Xcèntric. 2008-2009

Pierre Clémenti. Cinema producer


Here we present part of the personal cinema work of Pierre Clémenti, better known as the actor in Belle de jour, by Luis Buñuel, or in films by Pasolini, Rocha, Jancsó, Marc'O, Garrel, Bertolucci, etc., but whose work here was filmed by himself using a 16 mm camera. Made during the breaks in his many shots as a «professional» actor or on his hallucinogenic psychotropic trips through imaginary spaces with friends and acquaintances, his work is of lyrical import and draws directly from the visual and sound treatment of some of the films by Kenneth Anger and the North American 1960s avant-garde, full of over-impressions, psychedelia and colour effects. We could classify it as a diary on film or travel log, but with a particular visionary look.

All of the pieces of the session are unseen, incomplete materials, with the exception of Visa de censure numéro X.

Bobina 10, Pierre Clémenti. France, 1978, 3 min, 16 video
Bobina 27, Pierre Clémenti. France, 1968, 27 min, 16 video
Bobina 30b01 - Positano, Pierre Clémenti. France, 1969, 28 min, 16 video
Visa de censure numéro X, Pierre Clémenti. France, 1967, sound added in 1975, 43 min, 16 video

Directors: Pierre Clémenti

This activity is part of Xcèntric. Mai - June 2009, Xcèntric. 2008-2009

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