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Paola Viganò and Antoni Ribas Tur

The Future of the European City. Laboratory of Transition.


The architect and urban planner Paola Viganò talks to the journalist Antoni Ribas Tur about the challenges and the future of European cities, shaken by the pandemic and the heat wave experienced in recent months.

Cities and territories are facing social and environmental challenges (climate change, biodiversity crisis, and increased urbanisation of the planet). Accordingly, the urban and territorial project presently represents an urgent and critical domain. In four sections—“Prototypes of Transition”, “Utopia for Our Times”, Designing a Horizontal Metropolis”, and “Towards an Urbanism of Living Ground”—Paola Viganò explores some of the extraordinary future challenges confronting cities and territories, and offers a long-term account of how humans will live together.

Since September 2022, Paola Viganò has participated as guest professor in the Territories of Contact workshops organised by the Vallès School of Architecture (ETSAV) and the CCCB, in which these challenges have been discussed on the basis of the experience of the 2022 European Prize for Urban Public Space. In the closing session of this academic project, Viganò will present her thoughts on the future of cities in Europe.

Moderators: Antoni Ribas Tur

Participants: Paola Viganò

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The Future of the European City

Lecture by Paola Viganò

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