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OVNI 2018. path of return

visions – silences – darkness

Audiovisuals + Debate


Visions – Silences – Darkness

This OVNI invites us to go on a spiritual and contemplative journey into the experience of death: physical death and the deaths of the ego. Rather than an ordinary video programme, it takes the form of a ritual of passage in which we will move through visions (videos), texts, sounds, and rituals, as well as shared silence and darkness...

So as not to see death as separate from life, each day's journey will begin by passing through the gates of dreaming, death's twin, trance, exploring rituals of farewell and dissolution of the body and visions of contemplation.

Each day then is designed as a rite of passage, a crossing that we recommend following from start to end, allowing yourself to be guided through intense and sometimes difficult inner landscapes. 

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