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Xcèntric 2019

Our bodies, our sex

The CCCB's cinema


Three pioneering portrait-films covering first-person intimate and confessional portrayals of previously unshown female stories. Cara de Vito, using a video camera, films a picture of her grandmother and her relationship with her violently abusive husband; Janie’s Janie follows a working-class woman in Newark who decides to take control of her life after years of physical and psychological abuse; the filmmaker Joyce Chopra uses the birth of her daughter to convey the conflict between motherhood and her career.

Ama l'Uomo Tuo (Always Love Your Man), Cara DeVito, 1975, 21 min; Janie’s Janie, Geri Ashur, Peter Barton, Marilyn Mulford, Stephanie Pawleski, Newsreel, 1971, 25 min; Joyce at 34, Joyce Chopra, 1972, 28 min.

Digital screening

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Xcèntric. Programme March - April 2019

Wilhelm Hein, Cara DeVito, Geri Ashur, Peter Barton, Marilyn Mulford, Stephanie Palewski, Joyce Chopra, Noriaki Tsuchimoto, Jonathan Schwartz, Jack Goldstein, Laida Lertxundi, Beatrice Gibson, Morgan Fisher, Andy Warhol, Joanna Priestley, Gaston Velle, Georges Denola, Gaumont, Nino Oxilia, Jean ...

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