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Endangered (Barbara Hammer, 1988)

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Xcèntric 2023

Optical printer workshop

with filmmaker Luis Macías (CraterLab)

Audiovisuals + Courses and workshops

Theoretical and practical workshop to explore the technical and creative possibilities of the optical printer, a widely used tool in experimental and artists' films.

The optical printer is a small special effects machine used by experimental filmmakers to make their films. Optical printing lets you copy the image of a frame, but also modify it in an interplay of infinite possibilities: inversion, repetition, multiple exposures, colour correction, blowing up Super 8/8 mm to 16 mm, changing from negative to positive, and from colour to black and white and vice versa, slowing down or speeding up, applying filters, mattes and lots of other options. In this workshop you’ll explore the technical and creative possibilities of the JK 104 Optical Printer using found footage as your material to copy and alter.

Participants: , Crater-Lab

This activity is part of Xcèntric 2023

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