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Nuccio Ordine and Antonio Monegal

Culture: a toolbox


Humanists, teachers and researchers of great prestige, Nuccio Ordine and Antonio Monegal talk about the multiple senses of culture, its routes and meanings, its usefulness and its value.

Could culture be the most agile and effective set of resources to identify and confront the challenges of our contemporary society? How can the classics clarify the questions of the present and guide the challenges of the future? How and why do the arts, narratives and aesthetic pleasures confirm their social and political benefits?

Ordine and Monegal have spent much of their careers reflecting on these questions, tracing answers and possible paths in books such as —respectively— The Usefulness of the Useless (Paul Dry Books, 2017) and Como el aire que respiramos. El sentido de la cultura [Like the Air We Breathe. The Meaning of Culture] (Acantilado, 2022). They will share their reflections in this conversation.

Moderators: Marilena de Chiara

Participants: Nuccio Ordine, Antonio Monegal

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