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From Doodles to Pixels. Over One Hundred Years of Spanish Animation

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This programme is a collection of shorts that were produced in Spain over the past ten years, some of them young Spanish filmmakers who are already known worldwide like Rocío Álvarez, Dvein Blanca Font, Busto and Nicolai Troshinsky. Selected for your viewing pleasure: Raúl Arroyo's film I Come by Every Day (2004) and other noteworthy shorts like the stop-motion based on horrifying true events that took place at the beginning of the 20th century in Barcelona, The Twin Girls of Sunset Street (2010); the fifth part of Jossie Malis's Bendito Machine (2014); Zepo (2014), the tragic story told through sand animation which is also in competition this year; The Giant, a poetic tale about fatherhood; and finally Princesa china (2014) by Thomàs Bases, one of our most talented filmmakers working in 3D.

Cada día paso por aquí, Raúl Arroyo, 2004, 8'38''

Les bessones del carrer de Ponent, Anna Solanas and Marc Riba, 2010, 13’

Crik-Crak, Rocío Álvarez, 2011, 1’22”

O Xigante, Julio Vanzeler and Luis da Matta, 2012, 10’35”

Astigmatismo, Nicolai Troshinsky, 2012, 4’

Magma, Dvein, 2013, 1’28”

The Day I Killed my Best Friend, Blanca Font and Busto Algarín, 2013, 6’10”

Zepo, César Díaz Meléndez, 2014, 3’08”

Bendito Machine V, Jossie Malis, 2014, 11’54”

Princesa china, Tomàs Bases, 2014, 4’56’’

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