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Xcèntric. 2010-2011

Morgan Fisher


Since 1968, Morgan Fisher has been making meta-filmic films that focus on the tools of film production. With his ironically paradoxical discourse, this US filmmaker questions the nature of the mechanism, revealing conceptual viewpoints with which he works to observe the cinematographic medium. [Screening in 16 mm]

The Director and His Actor Look at Footage Showing Preparations for an Unmade Film (2), 1968, 15 min.; Production Stills, 1970, 11 min.; Picture and Sound Rushes, 1973, 11 min.; Cue Rolls, 1974, 5'30 min.; Projection Instructions, 1976, 4 min.; Standard Gauge, 1984, 35 min.; ( ), 2003, 21 min.


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