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"Modern Ruins, a Topography of Lucre", by Julia Schulz-Dornburg

Book presentation



The CCCB and the publishing house Àmbit presents Julia Schulz-Dornburg’s book Ruinas modernas, una topografía de lucro (Modern Ruins, a Topography of Lucre), which is the second work to appear in the collection “Paraula i Paisatge” (Word and Landscape). This book is the result of more than two years’ research on the destruction of landscape brought about by abusive urbanisation of large swathes of territory. With a prologue by Francesc Muñoz, the book also features contributions by such authors as Pedro Azara, Rafael Argullol, Oriol Nel·lo and Jordi Puntí.

Ruinas modernas, una topografía de lucro is a photographic inventory of speculative construction in Spain, showing areas of land occupied by abandoned construction projects, the legacy of the burst real estate bubble. In recent years, the embedding in Spanish territory of massive leisure enclaves and all kinds of tourist and residential complexes has transformed huge zones of the country, not only along the coast but also in the interior. The premature decline of many of these projects is presented through images of disturbing beauty, bearing witness to the short life of real estate speculation and its enduring physical scars.

The event will be attended by the author, Julia Schulz-Dornburg, publisher Josep Maria Benach, architect Pedro Azara and geographer Francesc Muñoz.

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Book presentation "Ruinas modernas, una topografía de lucro"

With Julia Schulz-Dornburg, Josep Maria Benach, Pedro Azara and Francesc Muñoz.

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