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21th Show on Quality Television

Audiovisuals + Festivals


Throughout the day, the CCCB shows the best pieces seen in the latest edition of Input (International Public Television Screening Conference). In addition, there is also a tasting of the most innovative and risky programs of local and regional channels and some audiovisual projects that use the internet as a means of dissemination. Projections, debates and meetings between professionals and scholars of quality public television from around the world that no TV addict can miss!

Saturday 28th November


Male Birth (2014, 31 ', Denmark, DR3, science live event)

Guest: Thomas Skov (presenter)

Presenter: Xavi Morral (Brutal Media, director)

Danish public television wrote a story to see how two men they worked on a Monday night in a hospital, but the work they had to do was not the usual one: they had to do patients, but rather special patients. The two presenters, Emil Thorup and Thomas Skov, have two belts that will simulate each and every pain of labor, from contractions, to boredom or extreme pain. The experiment was broadcast on director and viewers could interact with the two presenters through social media.


The rapped news (2014, 5 ', Senegal, 25 TV, news show)

Presents: Tania Adam (Founder and editor of Radio Africa Magazine)

As the title indicates, this program is a rapped newscast, although the news is not innocuous: a Muslim guide, Ahmet Khalifa Niasse, who proclaims that Islam would have to adapt to the times by integrating technology into its rituals; a news story about Youssou Ndour and the 400 CFA * he received from the President of Senegal to be his ally in local elections, or another on how the government uses the judicial system to fight the opposition or on the Israeli strike in Gaza.


Benefits camp (2014, 26 ', Holland, NPO3, reality show)

Guest: Marit Gerritsen (executive producer)

Presenter: Gemma Soriano (director and director of programs at TVE)

Rutger Castricum chooses six unemployed families for the "vacation of a lifetime." What families do not know is that the trip is aimed at returning them to the world of work. After a day of fun and relaxation, the presenter delivers the bad news. Each week Rutger imposes a series of tasks on families to "reinsert" them into working life. Spectators follow the contestants during "labor camps" and after their stay.


Finding independence at 38 (29 ', Japan, NHK, documentary series)

Presents: María Soliña Barreiro (documentary teacher at Tecnocampus Mataró)

This series of self-portraits offers an unvarnished look at contemporary Japanese life. In each episode an individual films himself and his family. In this chapter the protagonist is Hiroaki Sato, who is 38 years old and is still living with his parents. Hiroaki graduated from a prestigious university, but has never found a steady job. Sometimes he helps his friends produce a magazine about documentaries. When his father is fired he puts Hiroaki on the ropes. Will you be able to find a job and a place to live? How will you become independent?


12 grade (2014, 52 ’, Chile, TVN, docu-reality)

Presents: Héctor Claramunt (screenwriter for Arriska Films)

This series tells the story of a group of students in their last year of school. It is a year of great decisions that will mark the rest of their lives, they have to decide what they want to be when they grow up. Your wishes will collide with what the people around you expect. The program captures this moment with delicacy, freshness and depth.


Autumn Tingles (2014, 90 ', Germany, Das Erste, improvised fiction)

Presents: Francesc Escribano (director of Minoria Absoluta)

Two days of filming, 13 luxury actors, 19 camera, no script and no second chances. Director Jans Georg Schütte gave the basic instructions to build a speed date meeting with the best and most veteran German actors and actresses.


Children no access (2013, 28 ', Norway, NRK Super, edutainment show)

Presents: Gerard Hausmann (Super3 director)

What happens at school after the students have left? Three teachers carry out all the experiments that they cannot do during school hours and then post them on their video-blog. These are high-profile experiments full of risks to gain more knowledge. This episode is about farts. Imagine gathering all the hydrogen from all the farts in a school class over the course of a year, that is, hundreds of liters of flammable gas, and putting it in the bathroom. What will the explosion be like? The main idea is to make science fun, easy and accessible.


VIP (2014, 30’, Israel, HOT, ficción, dramedy)

Presents: Joel Joan (director of Arriska Films)

"Very Important Person" is a laconic, but funny comedy about a star: Yehuda Levy. He is the most famous actor in Israel, he is attractive, charismatic and very self-confident, but also lonely, neurotic and fragile on the inside, always playing himself, since he grew up on camera. At the age of 35, after a crisis, he is tired of maintaining his image, of needing to please everyone and he begins to wonder if he will ever be happy. During the series he meets Rona, a 30-year-old student who is a waitress. Levy will try to live something that he has never had before and that he is not sure if he wants: a normal life.


The other side of reality (2014, 28 ', Denmark, DR, documentary series)

Guest: Ole Juncker (producer)

Presenter: Jonathan Díez (director, from Crónicas marcianas to Tu cara me suena) The series offers five Danish stars from small reality cameras to film their daily lives. The production company wondered what happens when the big television cameras are turned off and the champagne bottle is emptied. Thinking of a younger audience, dazzled by glamor and fleeting happiness, the series gathers a raw and honest portrait of what happens when the curtain is lowered.


Special webdocs / Crossmedia session

Presented by: Andreu Meixide (director of the BccN Film Festival and author of the Parkcelona and Bloc dels Pescadors webdocs)

Fort McMoney (2015, TOXA, ONF, Art): Combining documentary and video game, Fort McMoney enters the Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada, home to the third largest oil reserve in the world, where millions of dollars are made, but at what price? Designed for the web and for iPads, it is a road movie where players can take virtual control of the city and design their destination while learning about the economic, political, historical and cultural issues of the place and interacting with other users.

Last Hijack interactive (2014, Submarine Channel): Transmedia experience that allows us to explore the hijacking of a ship to Somalia, entering this delicate reality through the eyes of a pirate and the captain, a lawyer, a journalist and a couple. It combines real video and animation and allows the user to navigate between the real stories, constructing a kidnapping themselves. What are the causes and consequences of piracy? What is the impact it has on Western countries?

Hart Net TV: TV for life (2014, NHK): The number of suicides among young people in Japan is alarming. The show invited viewers to share their feelings via email, getting 600 messages from people who wanted to be heard. From here the producers made a program where people with suicidal tendencies could exchange their opinions. The Internet played a key role, as well as the public space, since some of these videos were broadcast in train and subway stations.

The Monitor (2015, NCRV): It is an open source journalism website focused on relevant issues of the contemporary society. It is an interactive website very close to the concept of "citizen journalism" that allows people to monitor the progress of the investigations that are being carried out and provide information or criticism.


Tasting of "New formats"

Container session where you can see fragments of "new formats" television.

Presented by: Núria Garcia and Mati Delgado (UAB professors)

The great knit off (2014, 43 'Denmark, TV SYD PLUS, reality show ): One of the programs with the highest share of the Danish grill, it is a crochet competition in which fifteen women and one man participate.

Channel vs. Channel (2014, 52 ', Belgium, éen, game show): Unique collaboration between two rival channels, Eén and VTM. Two well-known presenters from the two networks, Tom Waes and Koen Wauters, defend their networks in a program where they will have to compete from ten challenges based on proposals from viewers.

We love japanesse songs (2013, Japan, NHK, interactive talent show): What does a Hungarian boy who sings Japanese folk songs from the Showa era, or Spanish girls who play flamenco-style enka ballads with accordion, have in common? Who love Japanese songs. NHK invited viewers from around the world to share performances of Japanese songs. They received 338 videos from 47 different countries. Two presenters, the pop singer Beni and the group Kalafina met in a virtual studio to show 33 of these performances alongside reports on this international affiliation with Japanese songs.


Boobs to the wall (2014, 10 ', Sweden, SVT, webserie)

Guest: Sara Haag (author, director)

Presenter: Eulàlia Iglesias (professor at the URV)

A humorous webserie about two sisters who always go against social norms. It is the brainchild of feminist and political youtubers Bianca and Tiffany Kronlöf. The main story follows the sisters as they share a flat with their partner Hans Christian. Bianca is the eternal optimist and always tells the most complex truths lightly and openly. Tiffany has to try to control her anger, since she is constantly criticizing the contemporary perspective on women. The character of The Dudes is a male observer played by Bianca who emulates the macho perspective. The series deals with complicated topics such as gender equality, rapes, using humor to get serious. Viewers can take part in the speech by sharing experiences through social media.


Special session: Passing through TUBE

Special session dedicated to the tension between the production of content for television or for the Internet. Questions such as which are the most successful content among youtubers, if there is an idiosyncrasy of the medium or what happens with the television audience, with its programming and with television formats, among others

Moderator: Ingrid Guardiola (coordinator of MINIPUT)


- Sergi Vicente (director of BTV)

- Joan Carles Martorell (co-founder of 2btube, a company dedicated to digital production specialized in production and content management for YouTube)

- Rush Smith (aka Jaume Rojo, Youtuber)

- Oriol Jara (Responsible for new Absolute Minority screens)


This activity is part of MINIPUT

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