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After the End of the World


«Narratives from the Anthropocene» Cine Fòrum



The great classic by Fritz Lang allows us an in-depth look, through considerations regarding the design of our cities and the position we occupy in them, at many different aspects of the problems of the Anthropocene, dating from long before the term was coined.

In association with the exhibition After the End of the World, we are proposing a film forum series that will offer, as in previous editions, an opportunity to delve deeper into the intersections between cinematographic creation and essential aspects of the processes of production, circulation and knowledge management, particularly of scientific and technological knowledge.

In this case, the idea is to examine how a broad set of actors, spaces, discourses and inter-related practices, including politics, academia, activism and the media, interact in the processes of social, cultural and scientific construction of nature and, therefore, of our position within or in relation to it.

We will explore questions on climate, ecology, sustainability, urban planning, health, food, resources, responsibility and future projections, at three discussions with specialists in these areas and also in the fields of communication, film and the history of science.

We recommend watching the full films before the sessions, as these will focus on analysing and commenting specific aspects of each of the films.

You can find all of the films on Filmin.

Click here to watch «Metropolis» (Fritz Lang, 1926)

Moderators: Carlos Tabernero Holgado

Participants: Oliver Hochadel

This activity is part of After the End of the World, Beta Station

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