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Xcèntric. 2010-2011

Mara Mattuschka. Selected Works


Dance and cinema have shared the task of creatively constructing time and movement. The aura of dance, repetition, trance, the grotesque, exhaustion and excess are some of the traces we find in the course of this session devoted to carnivalesque sensibility. Dances of subversion and regeneration, catharsis of fear and mystery, the works brought together here take the body’s resistance and consciousness to their limits in a joyous inversion of sacred and profane reality.

MM. Attended by Mara Mattuschka

Parasymphatica, M. Mattuschka, 1985, 5 min;

S.O.S. Extraterrestria, M. Mattuschka, 1993, 11 min;

ID, M. Mattuschka, 2003, 10 min;

Legal Errorist, M. Mattuschka i Chris Haring, 2005, 15 min;

Burning Palace, M. Mattuschka i C. Haring, 2009, 32 min.

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