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Making a place for ourselves

Research and creation project for young women in the Raval

Courses and workshops

This research and creation project invites young women in the Raval district to explore the way they inhabit public space and discover the place they occupy in the web of the district’s streets and squares. The research process will end with the creation of a short play.

“Making a place for ourselves” is at once an observatory, a multi-voiced conversation and an artistic experimentation workshop. During the three months of the project (12 January-2 March 2022), nine sessions will be held in which ten young women between the ages of 17 and 25 will share experiences, compare and contrast them with those of women of other generations, and explore their everyday territory. They will be accompanied in this process by the Androna Cultura collective, with the advice of various experts in urban planning, history and feminism.

Collaborating in the project are Ca la Dona, Col·lectiu Punt 6, historian Isabel Segura, and playwright and theatre director Carla Rovira, who, together with the workshop participants, will create a short play inspired by the results of their research. 

“Making a place for ourselves” is a project of the CCCB and Androna Cultura, with the backing of the Premi Barcelona 2020 grants awarded by Barcelona City Council.

Participants: Col·lectiu Punt 6

Directors: Androna Cultura

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