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Sampler Sèries

Liquid Trio + Louisiana Variations

New music genres


Sampler Sèries is an initiative by L'Auditori de Barcelona to promote new music genres. The CCCB collaborates once again with the proposal and presents the music session by Liquid Trio + Louisiana Variations at the CCCB Theatre.

From the enlightened improvisation of the English double bass player and composer Barry Guy and the unique sound of Denmark saxophonist Torben Snekkestad, both members of Louisiana Variations, to the self-reflexive research work of saxophonist Albert Cirera and drummer and composer Ramon Prats, dynamic improvisers from southern Europe and members of Liquid Trio. The concert provides a space for experimentation around the expanded piano of Agustí Fernández, one of the main catalysts on the free improvisation scene.

Participants: Agustí Fernández

This activity is part of Sampler Sèries

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