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© Juan Antonio Suárez, 2023

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Lateral Views of “Sade: Freedom or Evil”

Liquid Bodies / Liquifiable Bodies

With Juan Antonio Suárez

Courses and workshops

Juan Antonio Suárez, a specialist in experimental cinema and the study of queer cultures, elucidates the notion of corporeality as derived from Sade and seen in various works in the exhibition.

Sade’s work, and the representations drawn from it, deal insistently with the body as a malleable, multiform shape, widely connected to other bodies and characterised by a staged machinery that turns sexuality into a theatre under wraps, in never-ending textual flux. All told, Sade’s bodies are dispersed, liquid entities. Taken in another way, however, which is also present in this exhibition, these bodies can be liquified, subjected and annihilated, as part of a staging of subjugation and violence. This visit oscillates between these two conceptions, through them elucidating the sexual politics that might be attributed to Sade in the present.

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