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Thinking Biennale. Open City

Lecture by Rita Segato and discussion with Gabriela Wiener

The City of Women



In recent times a large new wave of mass-based feminism has revealed that the structure of gender inequality is still very solid and that there are many spheres of everyday gender violence. Social networks and movements like #MeToo and #Cuentalo have drawn attention to the indignation of thousands of women who have broken the silence and called for an end to abuse.

The anthropologist Rita Segato believes that the violence suffered by many women is simply the cruelest extreme of a whole system of domination by one half of society over the other half, which comes to light in many routine situations. And the only possible solution to this is a new focus on gender in education and public policies. The journalist Gabriela Wiener trusts that this widespread wave of feminism will be irreversible and that it will have an “unsuspected social scope”.

Participants: Gabriela Wiener, Rita Laura Segato

This activity is part of Thinking Biennale. Open City

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Rita Segato and Gabriela Wiener

The City of Women

Anthropologist Rita Segato considers that the violence suffered by many women is just the cruellest extreme of a system of domination of one half of society over the other that arises in dozens of everyday situations. And that the only possible solution is a new approach to gender in education and ...

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