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Lea Ypi and Srećko Horvat

The Paths of Freedom


The philosophers Lea Ypi and Srećko Horvat speak about the challenge of renewing the democratic and political nature of the European project.

In its early days, the European project was forged as a shared space of democracy and freedom in opposition to totalitarianism and fascism, thus signalling a turning point in the continent’s history. More than sixty years later, is the idea of Europe as a shared project of citizens still valid? The philosopher and writer Lea Ypi, professor of Political Theory, has explored the meanings of the words freedom and citizenship in contemporary Europe. Also a philosopher and writer, Srećko Horvat has pondered the concept of democracy and present-day politics in Europe. In this session, they speak with the expert on European affairs, Xavier Prats-Monné about the political future of Europe.

Participants: Lea Ypi, Srećko Horvat, Xavier Prats-Monné

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