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Srećko Horvat

Philosopher, author and political activist

Srećko Horvat is a philosopher, writer, and political activist. After spending the first eight years of his life in exile in Germany, he returned to Croatia in 1991 at a time coinciding with the outbreak of the civil war in Yugoslavia. Known today as one of the most outstanding intellectuals of his generation, he has written extensively in such media outlets as The Guardian, Al Jazeera and Newsweek about current political affairs in Europe and global protest movements, and has published more than a dozen books which have been translated into fifteen languages. Notable among them are What Does Europe Want? (co-authored with Slavoj Žižek and published by Columbia University Press, 2014), The Radicality of Love (with a Prologue by Eva Illouz, and published in Spanish as La radicalidad del amor, Katakrak, 2016), and After the Apocalypse (in Catalan, Després de l’apocalipsi, Arcàdia, and also in Spanish, Katakrak, 2021). With Renata Ávila, he also co-edited Everything Must Change!: The World after Covid-19 (in Catalan, Tot ha de canviar!, Raig Verd, 2021), with contributions by such eminent intellectuals as Shoshana Zuboff and Richard Sennett. In 2011 he founded the Subversive Festival in Zagreb and, some years later and with Iannis Varoufakis, Democracy in Europe 2025 (DiEM 2025), and the Progressist International, both of which are global movements in defence of democracy and social transformation with internationally renowned members including Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, and Silvia Federici.

Update: 14 June 2023


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