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Kosmopolis Programme 2022

Judith Schalansky

Inventory of Losses


The German writer Judith Schalansky, who in 2010 she surprised the world with Atlas of Remote Islands, talks about literature as a game, atlas or inventory. Schalansky presents her last work, An Inventory of Losses in conversation with the journalist David Guzman.

Judith Schalansky is an expert in making us travel without leaving the page. In 2010 she surprised the world with Atlas of Remote Islands (Penguin Books, 2010), an unusual collection of maps, but above all micro-stories, that took place on fifty islands "on which I have never been and will never set foot", as the author assures in the subtitle.

On this occasion, the writer visits the CCCB to talk about this conception of literature as a game that straddles genres, and about books as artifacts to make the imagination fly, as a result of An Inventory of Losses (Hachette Collections, 2020. Edited in Catalan by Més Llibres, 2020 and in Spanish by Acantilado, 2021), his new book-archive, an unclassifiable creation that recovers disappeared cities, extinct animals, islands swallowed by water, untraceable literary works or paintings devoured by fire through tales and stories halfway between reality and fiction.

Judith Schalansky talks about the power of memory and the power of fiction to remember and relive what we have been or have known. 

Moderators: David Guzman

Participants: Judith Schalansky

This activity is part of Kosmopolis Programme 2022

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