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ISEA2022 Barcelona

Joan Fontcuberta

The Age of Monsters

Debate + Festivals

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Expanding the program open to the public, the CCCB, the epicenter of  ISEA2022 Barcelona, hosts the keynote speech of Joan Fontcuberta, photographer and conceptual artist.

“Il vecchio mondo sta morendo. Quello nuovo tarda a comparire. E in questo chiaroscuro nascono i mostri”. (“The old world is dying. The new one is slow to appear. And in this chiaroscuro monsters are born”)
Antonio Gramsci

Almost without realizing it, we have become addicted to images. The old world (photography as a commitment to truth and remembrance) is dying and the new one (images created by artificial intelligence) is striving to emerge. From document to speculation, from natural to synthetic images, we now need to trawl through the chiaroscuro, pointing out their emerging monstrosities: monstrosities of language, of technology, of politics.
From the ruins of photography – archive pictures and family albums that decay and become amnesic – to predictions of potential futures and algorithms, with which we don’t know if we are dealing with nightmares or guarantees of progress. What is clear is that algorithms and artificial intelligence are taking the place of the eye and the camera at the core of visual culture.

Expanding the program open to the public, the CCCB, the epicenter of the International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA2022 Barcelona) host four keynote speeches at its Theater by leading figures in their respective fields: Olga Goriunova, academic and curator in the fields of digital arts and cultures; Joan Fontcuberta, internationally renowned photographer and conceptual artist; Christl Baur, head of the prestigious Ars Electronica Festival; and Ricard Solé, expert in complex systems analysis and synthetic biology.

Moderators: Jorge Luis Marzo

Participants: Joan Fontcuberta

This activity is part of ISEA2022 Barcelona

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